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Hazzero the Hungry One
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
"Home of Cheap Quality Digital Cartoon Artistry
And Awesomenaut-Tuesdays…"

"It might be lonely at the top but it's pretty damn lonely down here too."

"Help those who help themselves, because I don't."

"We put the knockoff in “knock it off!”."

"I’m so broke I can’t afford a clue!"

"If I don't laugh at my own jokes, nobody will..."

"People weren't buying what I was selling so I gave it away and that's why it's still here..."

“Easy and rewarding just ain’t the way I do things.”

"I liked Cold before it was Cool..."

"Hating on the mainstream is to mainstream."

"Part-time Clown, full-time weirdo..."

"I'm someone who is a Troll for fun!"

"Irony is an old bitter flame of mine."

"Still chasing the Sun."

"Still can't afford that clue."

"Still hungry..."

"All I'm ever gonna be is mean!"

"I am not a Robot!"

"Ya, I'm a Villainous narcissistic Troll with a love of evil but I do care."

"Unabashedly unapologetic since 1999."

"See something, say something"

"Everyone has their price, I come very cheap..."


My Schedule (can be ignored):

Tuesday - Awesomenauts

Friday - My Little Pony (on hold for the time being)



Line work – Ticonderoga #2 and printing paper, Squares are become ally assimilate... assimilate...

Coloring – Gimp, less than what I’d hope, better than you’d think.

Writing – Microsoft Word, descend but my ability to proof read my own work is below par.



Fan-Created Awesomenauts: 132

My little Heroes, Grangea: Nearing a hundred.

Legends of Corkwood: a Fan-Fiction I've been helping to write and proof read based on an earlier concept of the My Little Heroes series that has since been phased out. 70,000 words plus.

Animation: I plan on doing something in the ways of cartoons on my YouTube page but for now I'm a bit limited on what I can do without good audio components.…


Standing Grammar Bounty,
Simple as said, find mistakes in my spelling or grammar and I will reward you. I can do it on a point per mistake basis or I can do a request for every hundred corrections. So I’m still learning Grammar but I reserve right to pass final judgment as something’s that are incorrect are done so with purpose. However, I’m pretty generous so if I see you’ve done a lot of work that’ll be enough for me. I also might be willing to give free request for Grammar lessons, like what the heck is ; used for anyhow?

Given or paid, I can do anything within my gallery and don’t be afraid to ask, sometimes I do them just for the hell of it. Wouldn’t mind tips but by no means are they required.


Pokemon: Alola Gyarados, Mega Evolution
there's two different version of this but this is the most recent.
I think it was a Power Ranger...
But I don't know what happen. Couldn't make it a Fan-Naut out of him either because all my Fan-Naut Rangers are insect themed, maybe if I bug up the arm a bit... 
Fan-Naut: The Vice President, Speaker of the House
Running for Reelection,
Madd's former running mate and all around best topiary trimming tool had fallen into disrepair over the years. After he was nearly sold online by Max, Madd recovered him by using the buy now option and vowed to find a way to reverse the effects of time that had ravaged his dearest friend so but that proved to be a fruitless endeavor so Madd did the next best thing, he wrestled a Void Jin into submission only freeing him once he agreed to use his wish magic to repair and improve the Vice President. So Madd wished it, so it was to be. Kor Rok used his powers to restore the weapon but in doing so, Kor Rok used his powers to curse the chain, ensuring it would only kill those Madd cared about. Madd, being as savy as he was, anticipated this curse and took the Unholy Visage of the Vice President to a greater Phase Demon, intending to make a pact with him to have the chain removed. The Demon did just that and in return Madd's soul now belonged to him but once more, Madd had already made plans to avoid his fate, for his soul had been sealed away by a Holomancer inside a Soul Matrix in return for a rather generous sum of Solar. From there it was hidden away within the grand Solar Cathedral of Cannis-14 where it was to be guarded by the great and powerful Solar Dragon, Xu Xu the wise.

The Vice President,

Was always a very capable weapon but thanks to deals Madd struck, it's potency has risen tenfold. A custom fitted, explosive, Holo-Toothed Chain made to detonate after sufficiently cutting into an enemy's defenses. Micro procession, Anti-Matter thrusters mounted to a Awesonite frame made to give it's wielder a cutting force that literally breaks reality as it cuts through it in one clean swipe. A procession mounted grenade launcher armed with Phase-Matter detonators capable of fusing our realm with phase for upwards of five seconds, killing most anything caught within as it's matter is joined with the Phase and subsequently ripped from our realm and pulled into theirs. Each clip is design with a push in spring release allowing the wielder to strike their shoulder plates to pop an empty catrage out to then load a fresh one with their spare hand. Pain Powered Vampiric knuckle-grip, capable of refueling the wielder's life essence with each strike, two additional fangs placed along the back to catch enemies on the second swing. This weapon posses one flaw, any light weapon capable of catching the blade can also ignore the explosive teeth of it's holo-chain, until the wielder turns on the Anti-Matter thrusters and tears light to pieces. It is recommended that wielder's be capable of at least minor levels of reality warping to avoid falling victim to the weapon themselves.
Some doodles of monsters by my nephew, he requested I "print them" but seeing as I don't have a printer and I'm pretty sure he just wanted me to color them, I said I'd scan em and color them latter. I do plan on it but as stated early, I'm a bit busy but I'll put them up for him anyhow. These guys do not belong to me, they belong to my nephew and I guess you could call the left one a collab between me and him seeing as he insisted on finishing a scrapped sketch I drew.
Alright minor updates,
Been busy doing a lot of overtime, that should be done now. Second, started going back to the gym, gonna eat a bit of my time on that. Third, doing a lot of work just nothing I can share but that said still working on other things.

Can't see myself making any new Steven-U Gems or MLP things in the near future though I might make a dragon or two, we'll see how it goes. In the case of the latter, my bodies were shaping oddly and I still haven't readily fixed it. As for the former, I'm good with my group and unless something changes that, I'm sure not going to. Might make a few outfits though. 

I am still drawing Fan-Nauts but due to work as stated, not a lot of work getting done. Here's the Fan-Naut I've been working on, slightly based off the cultist faction from endless legend. Really love those dudes, great asthetic, fun game play and for once, I like playing a faction that doesn't found new cities. 

Outside of that my free time is being consumed by me bouncing back and fourth between Rimworld and Stellaris. The faction system they added in Stellaris is kind of cool, the ascension things are okay but that build time is still a killer, synthetic pops take forever and the Ring World construction is understandably slow. 


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