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Steven-U: Sun Pearl, by H-72 Steven-U: Sun Pearl, :iconh-72:H-72 5 0 Steven-U: Renegade Magnetite, by H-72 Steven-U: Renegade Magnetite, :iconh-72:H-72 4 0 Pokemon: Nemesis, Fairy by H-72 Pokemon: Nemesis, Fairy :iconh-72:H-72 12 1 Pokemon: Kingsnapper, Dark/Electric by H-72 Pokemon: Kingsnapper, Dark/Electric :iconh-72:H-72 14 2 Pokemon: Lyon, Rock by H-72 Pokemon: Lyon, Rock :iconh-72:H-72 10 0 Pokemon: Barnbarian, Normal/Psychic by H-72 Pokemon: Barnbarian, Normal/Psychic :iconh-72:H-72 8 3 Pokemon: Rawlbin, Fighting/Flying by H-72 Pokemon: Rawlbin, Fighting/Flying :iconh-72:H-72 3 0 Pokemon: Permamoth, Bug/Ice by H-72 Pokemon: Permamoth, Bug/Ice :iconh-72:H-72 9 3 Pokemon: Snakes, by H-72 Pokemon: Snakes, :iconh-72:H-72 8 0 Pokemon: Magmeetle, Bug/Fire by H-72 Pokemon: Magmeetle, Bug/Fire :iconh-72:H-72 6 0 Pokemon: Plazzug, Bug/Electric by H-72 Pokemon: Plazzug, Bug/Electric :iconh-72:H-72 11 6 Pokemon: Rezevoir, Ghost/Water by H-72 Pokemon: Rezevoir, Ghost/Water :iconh-72:H-72 13 8 Pokemon: Charwood, Grass/Fire by H-72 Pokemon: Charwood, Grass/Fire :iconh-72:H-72 9 1 Pokemon: Marrion, Normal by H-72 Pokemon: Marrion, Normal :iconh-72:H-72 6 0 Pokemon: Gallion, Normal by H-72 Pokemon: Gallion, Normal :iconh-72:H-72 3 0 Pokemon: Ponyna, Normal by H-72 Pokemon: Ponyna, Normal :iconh-72:H-72 5 1

Random Favourites

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Hazzero the Hungry One
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
"Home of Cheap Quality Digital Cartoon Artistry
And Awesomenaut-Tuesdays…"

"It might be lonely at the top but it's pretty damn lonely down here too."

"Help those who help themselves, because I don't."

"We put the knockoff in “knock it off!”."

"I’m so broke I can’t afford a clue!"

"If I don't laugh at my own jokes, nobody will..."

"People weren't buying what I was selling so I gave it away and that's why it's still here..."

“Easy and rewarding just ain’t the way I do things.”

"I liked Cold before it was Cool..."

"Hating on the mainstream is to mainstream."

"Part-time Clown, full-time weirdo..."

"I'm someone who is a Troll for fun!"

"Irony is an old bitter flame of mine."

"Still chasing the Sun."

"Still can't afford that clue."

"Still hungry..."

"All I'm ever gonna be is mean!"

"I am not a Robot!"

"Ya, I'm a Villainous narcissistic Troll with a love of evil but I do care."

"Unabashedly unapologetic since 1999."

"See something, say something."

"Everyone has their price, I come very cheap..."

"I may be a robot..."

"But I'm not a Cylon... I think."


My Schedule (can be ignored):

Tuesday - Awesomenauts

Friday - My Little Pony (on hold for the time being)



Line work – Ticonderoga #2 and printing paper, Squares are become ally assimilate... assimilate...

Coloring – Gimp, less than what I’d hope, better than you’d think.

Writing – Microsoft Word, descend but my ability to proof read my own work is below par.



Fan-Created Awesomenauts: 132

My little Heroes, Grangea: Nearing a hundred.

Legends of Corkwood: a Fan-Fiction I've been helping to write and proof read based on an earlier concept of the My Little Heroes series that has since been phased out. 70,000 words plus.

Animation: I plan on doing something in the ways of cartoons on my YouTube page but for now I'm a bit limited on what I can do without good audio components.…


Standing Grammar Bounty,
Simple as said, find mistakes in my spelling or grammar and I will reward you. I can do it on a point per mistake basis or I can do a request for every hundred corrections. So I’m still learning Grammar but I reserve right to pass final judgment as something’s that are incorrect are done so with purpose. However, I’m pretty generous so if I see you’ve done a lot of work that’ll be enough for me. I also might be willing to give free request for Grammar lessons, like what the heck is ; used for anyhow?

Given or paid, I can do anything within my gallery and don’t be afraid to ask, sometimes I do them just for the hell of it. Wouldn’t mind tips but by no means are they required.


Steven-U: Sun Pearl,
I feel like her description should be very short and to the point. still working on something at least a little poetic for the descriptions, now this is Solar Diamond's Peal. If I had one regret? Not drawing her face at an angle to accent that beautiful nose of theirs. Got a dress version of this, might swap her out for it later. 


Written in the Stars,
Work in progress...


Weapons, skills and etc. 

Weapon - Bladed Wing Shield:
A bladed shield in the shape of a wing, though simple and elegant. Sometimes a shield is just a shield... 


A bright, blinding flash of light that that temporarily sears away even shadows. Bizarre and disorientating for most Gem and Organics alike. This flash and it's intensity can reach frightening levels, ironically enough, leaving only a burnt and seared shadow on the wall behind you. 


Slow to move, Sun Pearl's greatest flaw will always be failing to act. 


Solar Diamond, 




6' that's roughly 182.88cm.
Steven-U: Renegade Magnetite,
Here's a slightly more effeminate version of a Magnetite from Solar Diamond, why you may ask? *shrug* felt like it. Been sitting on it for like three weeks, still trying to wright something nice up for Sun Pearl. I added a few new Gem's to the big group conclusion picture. 

Light Magnetite


Renewed Light, 
What were they, where did they come from? Some kind of technology the likes of which we could never have expect. They tore a hole through the very fabric of reality to find us but why, I couldn't just leave her unprotected. These invaders could not be allowed to run rampant throughout my, our, Stars. We did not come this far to allow these primitive beings free reign over all of that which we have cultivated. It was their vial technology that allowed them to steal from us, to steal us but who's the say I couldn't turn this foul abomination of theirs into something else, something beautiful even. There wasn't much left, they must have been chipping away at that lodestone for some time before they got what they wanted but in their arrogance they left behind so much potential. Like this broke piece within my palm, they must have discard you when their shaped their weapon, thinking you held no value to them or this universe. I will show them your worth, I will make them regret what they did to you, me and our Empire. I can turn you into something more refined, more perfect than they and I will use this power to seal them away forever but I fear I may never return. With these final words I deliver a curse unto them of my own design, you will be greater still, this I promise... 


Weapons, skills and etc.

Weapon - Magnetic Prayer Beads:

Her weapon of choice, these powerful beads can produce and manipulate their own magnetic field a she wishes. Each Prayer Bead possess a slightly more limited ring of influence not dissimilar to Magnetite’s own, allowing them to manipulate magnetic forces within a short distance or banding them together to increase the potency. Magnetite uses her own magnetic field to wield these weapons independent of one another, allowing them to act as fast moving projectiles. Thus far she has master most offensive forms of this particular weapon but has yet to put much emphasis on defending herself with them, her close range blocking is shoddy at best. 

The ability to bend or manipulate her own magnetic field or that of her beads, allowing a degree of control over certain metals and the ability to influence one of the four fundamental forces of nature. While this ability may potentially have limitless applications, Magnetite is unable to tap into the more potent side of these powers without expending a considerable amount concentration for feats such moving entire continents, oceans or even pulling starships straight out of the sky. Though doing so will require much rest afterwards.

Polarity Shift:
By using her Gem, Magnetite can realign and/or balance the polarity of energy within others. Easing negative emotions or increasing their confidence within their own intuition, though needless to say Magnetite hasn’t had much practice with this particular ability.

Using her magnetic field or those of her beads, Magnetite can bend light waves granting limited invisibility to herself. She can even extend this ring of influence to hide others nearby or temporarily manipulate their fields to grant them limited invisibility while away from her magnetic influence.


Excessively high temperatures, heat makes Magnetite cranky and causes her to lose focus rather easily. It may also disable her invisibility fields or those generated by her Beads outright if not weaken them severely.

Isolation, Rain, Sleep, Outdoors,

Crowds, Heat, Loud Noises, Technology


8' 2" that’s roughly 248cm.
Well that's it for the fake Pokemon, for now at least.
Pokemon: Nemesis, Fairy
AP-78 Gasster, Fairy/Dragon
Occasionally found in forested regions at night. Gasster flies silently at night snatching up it's prey without ever making a sound, always weary and looking out for it's mortal foe Waydoo.

Height - 5' 4"
Weight - 145 lbs.

AP-79 Waydoo, Fairy/Dark

Occasionally encounter after finding a Gasster and closer to morning than sunset. Waydoo occasionally preys upon livestock but prefers hunting after their mortal foe Gasster, though their bouts do not always end favorably for the Waydoo.

Height - 6' 00"
Weight - 186 lbs.


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