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Pokemon: Cammerrot, Rock/Psychic by H-72 Pokemon: Cammerrot, Rock/Psychic :iconh-72:H-72 7 0 Pokemon: Lioggedon, Rock/Dark by H-72 Pokemon: Lioggedon, Rock/Dark :iconh-72:H-72 6 0 Pokemon: Trisailago, Rock/Fairy by H-72 Pokemon: Trisailago, Rock/Fairy :iconh-72:H-72 7 0 Pokemon: Terralynch, Poison/Steel by H-72 Pokemon: Terralynch, Poison/Steel :iconh-72:H-72 9 0 Pathfinder: Delamare, by H-72 Pathfinder: Delamare, :iconh-72:H-72 11 5 DnD: Pressure Rifle, by H-72 DnD: Pressure Rifle, :iconh-72:H-72 9 0 Pokemon: Cascadeus, Water/Dragon by H-72 Pokemon: Cascadeus, Water/Dragon :iconh-72:H-72 8 2 Pokemon: Sharflare, Fire/Fairy by H-72 Pokemon: Sharflare, Fire/Fairy :iconh-72:H-72 7 1 Pokemon: Prowlroark, Grass/Dark by H-72 Pokemon: Prowlroark, Grass/Dark :iconh-72:H-72 9 4 Pokemon: Ruinchomp, Water/Rock by H-72 Pokemon: Ruinchomp, Water/Rock :iconh-72:H-72 11 4 Pokemon: Kinnarcha, Bug/Dragon by H-72 Pokemon: Kinnarcha, Bug/Dragon :iconh-72:H-72 13 4 Pokemon: Lunaffaun, Dark/Fairy by H-72 Pokemon: Lunaffaun, Dark/Fairy :iconh-72:H-72 8 1 Pokemon: Cicadranorroka, Bug/Dragon by H-72 Pokemon: Cicadranorroka, Bug/Dragon :iconh-72:H-72 10 0 Pokemon: Pseudonox, Normal/Rock by H-72 Pokemon: Pseudonox, Normal/Rock :iconh-72:H-72 7 0 Pokemon: Woodhuck, Electric/Dark by H-72 Pokemon: Woodhuck, Electric/Dark :iconh-72:H-72 5 0 Fan-Naut: Iron Maiden, Isabella by H-72 Fan-Naut: Iron Maiden, Isabella :iconh-72:H-72 6 2

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Hazzero the Hungry One
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
"Home of Cheap Quality Digital Cartoon Artistry
And Awesomenaut-Tuesdays…"

"It might be lonely at the top but it's pretty damn lonely down here too."

"Help those who help themselves, because I don't."

"We put the knockoff in “knock it off!”."

"I’m so broke I can’t afford a clue!"

"If I don't laugh at my own jokes, nobody will..."

"People weren't buying what I was selling so I gave it away and that's why it's still here..."

“Easy and rewarding just ain’t the way I do things.”

"I liked Cold before it was Cool..."

"Hating on the mainstream is to mainstream."

"Part-time Clown, full-time weirdo..."

"I'm someone who is a Troll for fun!"

"Irony is an old bitter flame of mine."

"Still chasing the Sun."

"Still can't afford that clue."

"Still hungry..."

"All I'm ever gonna be is mean!"

"I am not a Robot!"

"Ya, I'm a Villainous narcissistic Troll with a love of evil but I do care."

"Unabashedly unapologetic since 1999."

"See something, say something."

"Everyone has their price, I come very cheap..."

"I may be a robot..."

"But I'm not a Cylon... I think."

"They only have as much power over you, as you are willing to give them."

"Be Evil."

"What we are in the dark, I am in the Light."

"Food goes in, Work comes out!"

"Being angry for other people is hate appropriation."

"Power given or taken is not the same as power earned."

"If reality is what we make of it, your world is ugly."

"Till then and rest easy"


My Schedule (can be ignored):

Tuesday - Awesomenauts

Friday - My Little Pony (on hold for the time being)



Line work – Ticonderoga #2 and printing paper, Squares are become ally assimilate... assimilate...

Coloring – Gimp, less than what I’d hope, better than you’d think.

Writing – Microsoft Word, descend but my ability to proof read my own work is below par.



Fan-Created Awesomenauts: 132

My little Heroes, Grangea: Nearing a hundred.

Legends of Corkwood: a Fan-Fiction I've been helping to write and proof read based on an earlier concept of the My Little Heroes series that has since been phased out. 70,000 words plus.

Animation: I plan on doing something in the ways of cartoons on my YouTube page but for now I'm a bit limited on what I can do without good audio components.…


Standing Grammar Bounty,
Simple as said, find mistakes in my spelling or grammar and I will reward you. I can do it on a point per mistake basis or I can do a request for every hundred corrections. So I’m still learning Grammar but I reserve right to pass final judgment as something’s that are incorrect are done so with purpose. However, I’m pretty generous so if I see you’ve done a lot of work that’ll be enough for me. I also might be willing to give free request for Grammar lessons, like what the heck is ; used for anyhow?

Given or paid, I can do anything within my gallery and don’t be afraid to ask, sometimes I do them just for the hell of it. Wouldn’t mind tips but by no means are they required.


Pokemon: Cammerrot, Rock/Psychic
AP-84 Pershellval, Rock/Water
The Shelled-Knight Pokemon, Pershellval is restored from the Chambered-Horn Fossil. Though similar in appearance to other mollusks, researchers have determined Pershellval is possibly not of this earth but if that where the case, where did it come from? Pershellval is a noble and knightly pokemon, always helping others in need before sitting down to eat for itself.

Evolves at level 25.

Height - 2'
Weight - 45 lbs.

AP-85 Cammerrot, Rock/Psychic
The Warp-Engine Pokemon possessing an unheard of, near reality warping, biological function that seems to alter space, time and mass around an opening in it's Shell. Through poorly understood function, Camerot is able to propel it's self forward jumping from one location to another almost instantly, so long as the location is within sight there is feasibly no limit to just how far it can jump locations. 

Height - 35' (Head to Tail)
Weight - 1,000 lbs.

Family Move - [Special/Psychic] Psionic Warp: This Pokemon Warps to a distant location, waiting one turn before warping back at ramming speeds. Chance of instant KO.
Accuracy - 35%
pp - 10


One of the other fan-features was running Pokemon Museum, allowing accesses to any previous Fossil Pokemon as well as four brand new fossil Pokemon of it's own and a quest to uncover one of three new legendary Fossil Pokemon. After beating the game's league the other two will become accessible.  
Pokemon: Lioggedon, Rock/Dark
AP-82 Leoddon, Rock/Water
The Basking Pokemon, Leoddon is restored from the Toothy-Cluster Fossil. It has been observed that Leoddon's are harmless enough to anything much larger than itself but that they still takes much joy from tormenting smaller prey. Leoddon were thought to be sign of good fortune and often revered for their supposed luck though researchers have found little to no evidence to support these superstitious claims. Leoddon's were also known to be notoriously lazy hunters, floating for days with their mouth a jar waiting for prey to float by before snapping shut harder than an iron trap.

Evolves at level 47.

Height - 12' (Head to Tail)
Weight - 850 lbs.

AP-83 Lioggeddon, Rock/Dark
Once it was thought these ancient sea Pokemon were wise and insightful creatures, often guiding other Pokemon from storms and certain disaster but this was before researchers discovered just how brutish these savage Pokemon can be. It has been directly observed that once a Lioggeddon has found it's desired prey, it will pursue them relentlessly for many days and nights, even forgoing easier prey outright in favor of keeping up the chase.

Height - 45' (Head to Tail)
Weight - 35,000 lbs.

Family ability - Relentless Hunter: On an enemy Pokemon switching out, this Pokemon instantly deals half the damage of pursuit. (Or every turn this Pokemon takes damage, it heals back half of all damage dealt.)
Pokemon: Trisailago, Rock/Fairy
AP-80 Spiny, Rock/Fairy
The Defiant Pokemon, Spiny is restored from the Broken-Spine Fossil. Spiny has the rather nasty habit of ignoring orders and even leaving combat before a match is over, consequently it some times attacks on it's own during fights between other Pokemon on the same team. Researchers are not sure why Spiny are only female or even why they walk on their hind legs when it had been assumed they walked on all fours but suspect something in their fossils may be interfering with the restoration process.

Ability - Bratty: This Pokemon will occasionally ignore orders, they will also retreat when their health pool drops below half.

Evolves at level 35 with a high friendship score.

Height - 3' 
Weight - 75 lbs.

AP-81 Trisailago, Rock/Fairy
The Heart of Gold Pokemon, Trisailogo's were thought to be rotten to the core much like their pre-evolution, though one research discovered that by spoiling his Spiny rotten, it became the most loyal of allies but only once's it's vanity had been truly appeased. It's cold exterior belies the great kindness within but ever the prideful, Trisailago are not the easiest of Pokemon to befriend and nor will they choose to follow just any Trainer.

Height - 15' (At the Sail)
Weight - 800 lbs.

Family Ability - Haughty Protector: When an enemy attack brings an allied Pokemon below 50%, this Pokemon will instantly make an attack dealing 50 damage regardless of whether or not it's in play at the time. This effect will continue to happen regardless of whether or not this Pokemon has fainted, been frozen or is paralyzed.
Pokemon: Terralynch, Poison/Steel
AP-66 Terrawyst, Poison/Steel
The Hazardous-Waste Pokemon, often found in or around Terrastone Refinement facilities. The waste product produced by earlier methods of Terrastone refinement remains so potent and radioactive even to this day, that it encourages the rapid growth of some microbial Pokemon lifeforms that fused together into a semi-solid mass of living slime.

Evolves at level 30.

Height - 1' 5"
Weight - 500 lbs.

AP-67 Terralych, Poison/Steel
Terralynch, the Bio-reactor Pokemon, Terralynch produces so much raw energy through an internal chemical reaction that a single one could power an entire city for three years straight. The sheer radioactivity and mutations of this Pokemon allow it to culture more Terrawyst Slime from almost nothing but without metal containment cell for it these new slimes to bound to, these Terrawyst slimes are fated to dissolve on their own after a few hours. Despite being internally radioactive, the Slime coating that makes up Terralynch's body absorbs 100% of the radiation meaning that despite appearances, Terralynch is perfectly safe to be around but direct contact is still ill-advised.

Height - 7' 2"
Weight - 375 lbs.

Family Ability - Overlord:
Each turn this Pokemon is in play, it creates a duplicate of itself up to 10 times that will use Struggle against a random enemy Pokemon.


How it's made,
Forgot I needed a man made Pokemon. Half Voltorb, half radioactive nightmare lich and maybe a bit of Grievous in there too. Terrastone is one of the key features of this little fan-fiction zone, it's production and use mirrors the Coal and Nuclear industries. While Terrastone is in it's base form, it remains mostly inert and harmless to humans but retains the ability to evolve Pokemon and in large enough quantity it is toxic to Pokemon. A single orb of refined Terrastone produces more energy in a day than half the electric Pokemon could produce in a year. The refinement process however creates a waste product that is harmful to humans and Pokemon. Well most Pokemon, the Microbial Pokemon lifeforms known as Terrawyst loves the stuff. Or maybe it's foolhardily trying to protect man and it's fellow Pokemon from this hazardous substance, researchers aren't too certain at this point.
Tip-Tap, Tip-Tap, Tip-Tap... FUCK YOU ANXIETY!

Getting hungry again. Need something, searching for something, never knowing what it is never knowing if I've found it or if I should keep searching. Never stop moving, never stop chasing the sun. Hunger drives me forward, never sated, never satisfied. Like digging a hole in the sand, forgetting whats learned and learning it all over again in a never ending loop it tears at my mind like sharp teeth. I can feel it, so close yet so far away, always just within sight but forever beyond my grasp. My hunger defines me but I more than the sum of my parts, yet always does the hunt call to me. Even now I hear her call...  


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